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Seven tombs of the King Kandi Nayak are seen within an area covering 40 Sq. Ft. Biggest among them is Kandi Venthan Sri Vikrama Raja Singan. An inscription “Kandi Maharaja Sri Vikrama Raja Singa Maranam 1832” is found which belongs to the 19th century CE. The king of Sri Lanka Sri Veera Parakrama Narendra Simhan ruled Kandi during 18th century CE who was followed by Nayaks of Madurai.

Sri Vikram Raja Singa was the last ruler of Kandi. The chief queen and his two daughters belong to Madurai Nayak dynasty. When the English defeated him, they imprisoned him at Colombu and later sent to Vellore with his family. This incident occurred in 1816 CE. He led a peaceful life at Vellore and died on 38th January, Monday 1832. On two tombs an inscription is engraved in Tamil script as “Sri Vikrama Singarin Kolluperan Sri Vikrama Singa Raja enbathum aavarathu Manaivi, Rajalakshmi”.

Location: Vellore Town.

Tomb of Ceylon King

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