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Vattezhuthu Script

As this script was written with more cursive lines, it was known as Vattezhuthu and Vattam. These names are found even in epigraphs of 13th century CE at Courtallam. It is also known as Tekkan Malayalam and Nanamona. Earlier inscriptions in this script were mostly noticed in southern districts, and occasionally in other areas. So far, it is not noticed in Thanjavur and adjoining regions of Kaveri river delta known earlier as Chola mandalam.

Due to special courses and workshops on Tamil Epigraphy conducted by the State Department of Archaeology to students, teachers and others interested in epigraphy, in recent decades many important inscriptions in this script are noticed. They are Pulankurichi inscription in Sivaganga district, many memorial stone inscriptions in northern districts of Tamil Nadu and several in Villupuram and adjoining districts. These new discoveries now help palaeographists to form a complete picture of this scripts’ evolution.

Vattezhuthu  Alphabets in Various Times

Vattezhuthu Script on Red ware Potteries, 6th Century CE, Boluvampatti,Coimbatore District
1. …n kuppaivitta kula … 2. …rra Kotti

Sendan Maran’s Irrigation Inscription in Vattezhuthu
7th Century CE, Vaigai river bed, Madurai

Donative Inscription in Vattezhuthu , 
Pandya Maranjadaiyan 8th century CE, 
Tiruttangal, Virudhunagar District

Jain Sculptures with Inscriptions 
in Vattezhuthu Script on either sides.
9thCentury CE, Thirupparankunram, Madurai District

Rajakesari (Peruvazhi) Highway inscription in both Tamil & Vattezhuthu (verse), 
9th century CE, Sundaikamuthur, 
Coimbatore District


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