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Padavedu is situated in Polur taluk of Tiruvannamalai District;  it was once known as Marudarasar Padaiveedu. It was the capital of the Sambuvaraya kings. The Department of Archaeology conducted excavations in the year 1992-93 at two sites namely Vetagiripalayam and Kottaikaraimedu. 

Closed Channel

Structural Remains & Flooring



The overall cultural sequences of this site could be characterized as period 1 and period 2. Period1 datable to 13th and 14th century CE is governed by the occurrence of  brick structure with the channels used for bringing drinking water and draining out sewage water and ring wells. While Period 2 assignable to 14th and 16th centuries CE is marked by the presence of smoking pipes, Sultan coins and a number of decorated red ware sherds and bangle pieces

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