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Tiruttangal is situated in Sivakasi Taluk of Virudunagar district at about 4 kms north of Sivakasi Town. In the epic Silapathikaram, Tiruttangal is referred as an important settlement. Trenches were laid at the western extremity of the village. Microlithic flakes and core material were found beyond the depth of 65 cm. Flat based vase, dish, bowl, large and narrow mouthed pot were also unearthed. Black and red ware sherds occurred at a  depth of 65 cm. An interesting find is a terracotta object, which contained a unique pre-fired symbol, believed to be the Srivatsam. These objects are datable to megalithic period (1000 BCE to 300 CE).

Grooved Tiles

Incense Burner

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