Brahmi Inscription & Rock Bed, Velayuthampalayam


This place is assigned with two names as Velayuthampalayam and Pugalur. place is situated in between Karur and Salem. Near Pugalur a hill by name mattarMalai where we find number of naturals caves. In that place we find some ces of Jaina monks who lived their.

There are number of inscriptions depicting e history of Tamilnadu. The inscription dating to 2nd century B.C. to 2nd century.

There inscription records about the kings of Chera, during sangam age and about Sangam liturature, They leaders of Pathitrupattu, 7,8,9, and 10 paththugal, Selva Kadun o vozhi athan Peruncheran Erum oral Elancheran Erum are mention The three are mention in the inscription in the order as Koadan Sellirum Perunkadungo, Elankadungo It is remarkable note is that in one single ription the mention is made about one dynasity in three heriditry.

The prince Cheran Elam Kadungo was said to be responsible for providing a bed for Jaina monks Sengayaban. This information is given in one inscription.Further the names Jain monks and the names of the person who provided the bed for them are tion in the inscription. In the inscriptions the samgam like Pittan, Kotran Keeran anf the names are the merchants Uppu Vanigan pon Vanigan Arunvai Vanigan mention