Arulmigu Naganathaswamy temple


The temple belong’s to the 11th century AD. It has been constructed by the Chola King, Rajendra I. The Period is ascertained from the style of sculptures found in the Koshta of the main temple and vimana (ie,style of the vesara vimana).

The Dwarapalaka sculptures are found missing from its Koshta. Inscriptions are available on the Adhistana all around the temple. They refer to a grant to Siva Brahmanas for conducting Daily worship made by Rajendra Chola I in 1020 AD. There are portrait sculptures in bas –relief of the king and his queens.

The Compound wall on the Northern side (i.e. road side) has completely collapsed. The roots of the plant growth in the vimana have penetrated the walls and beams and damaged the longitudinal section. Ashlars stone door lintel and main beams are found in the Mukhamandapa.

They are cracked at the centre portion and stand very dangerously. It is unsafe to enter the building. The exquisite sculptures and Linga kept in the main temple should be shifted for safety. The Koshta figures are exquisite Chola pieces of the early 11th Century AD.