Gangaikondacholapuram is situated in Jayangondam Taluk of Perambalur District. It was a secondary capital of the Cholas for about 250 years. The city seems to have had two fortifications, one inner and the other outer.

Excavation conducted at two locations at Maligaimedu revealed the remains of royal palace, built with burnt bricks. The ceilings were covered with flat tiles. The pillars were probably made of polished wood, supported on granite bases. Excavations revealed brick walls about 1.10cm in thickness. On the foundation wall, granite stone pillar bases were embedded at an equal distance of 2 meters. Bone objects with animal figures, ivory carvings, quartz beads, shell bangle pieces and stone objects were found during the excavation.

The excavation also yielded celadon ware and porcelain sherds. Both of them are of Chinese origin. This shows the contact of the Chola kingdom with China during 11th to 12thcenturies CE.