• Collection and preservation of manuscripts both paper and palm leaves
  • Classification and listing of the collections
  • Publication of the rare manuscripts
  • Publication of the annual periodica
  • Collection of printed rare books and Journals
  • Assisting the scholars for research studies
  • Manuscripts are carefully treated with chemicals and preserved
  • Scholars can access the Library at free of cost

Government Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Centre (GOML & RC) is a veritable treasure house of ancient knowledge housing 50,180 palm leaf manuscripts, 22134 paper manuscripts and 26,556 rare printed books.

Started in 1869, this library is the repository of rare manuscripts and books in various languages such as Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Pali, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sinhalese etc.,

covering subjects such as Mathematics, Astronomy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Veda, Agama, Architecture, Music, Sculpture, Fine Arts, History, Grammar, Literature and many others.

Scholars from all over India and abroad visit the GOML & RC to access these rare manuscripts and books. It is an excellent resource centre for doing research leading to Ph.D. The splendid Library with its treasure of largest collections in the world of rare, original palm leaf manuscripts numbering more than 73,000/- has brought out 454 publications in South Indian languages, Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Marathi languages. It is a marvelous Research Centre for scholars from different countries – both oriental and occidental.