Perur, once known as Kanchivaiperur is situated in a strategical location near Coimbatore. From July-October 2002, the Department of Archaeology conducted excavations in this site at two locations namely Kallimedu inside the Santhalinga Ramasamy Adigalar College Campus and Thiruneetrumedu.

An important find from this site is a circular terracotta seal having the figures of bow surrounded by two lamps and a crescent above engraved on it. This is supposed to be the Chera emblem. So far such terracotta objects were considered as hip hop or weighing stones. It is believed to be now that such objects served as seals also. Another significant find is a broken portion of the terracotta figurine assignable to 5thand 6thcenturies CE. It resembles the figures found in excavations conducted at Mathura in Uttarpradesh.Various objects like shell bangle pieces and beads made of semi-preciousstones were also found in this excavation.