PhD Research

Research Centre to pursue Ph.D. Degree

As per the regulations of the University of Madras, the Department of Archaeology has been recognized as a center for conducting research leading to Ph.D. degree in Archaeology since 2003.

The technical staff members of this department are well experienced and having sound knowledge in all the subjects like Epigraphy, Archaeology, Numismatics, Architecture, Sculpture, Arts, Literature and History.

There is a unique library in this department to do the research activities in the above subjects. The library has got more than 13,300 of rare books. These books are used only to do research-oriented activities. Moreover, Estampages of the Inscriptions and Archaeological antiquities are also preserved which are essential to do research works.

Some of our technical staff members are Ph.D. degree holders from various Universities. Those who do Ph.D. degree in different Universities, approach our department technical staff members to get guidelines to do research work and subsequently utilize the department library for their research work.

At this point, the department requested the Madras University to recognize as a center for research leading to Ph.D. Degree in the subject related to Archaeology and related fields.

As per the request, with reference to the Madras University Order No.AII/ASO-II/DA/Ph.D.Recogn./2003, dated 30.05.2003, the Department of Archaeology has been recognized as a center for research purpose leading to Ph.D. Degree.

Technical staff members of the department were authorized as supervisors by the Madras University. They are:-

  S.No.                 Name of the Supervisors
  1)  Dr. N. Marxia Gandhi (Retd.,)
  2)  Dr. A. Padmavathi (Retd.,)
  3)  Dr. S. Rajagopal (Retd.,)
  4)  Dr. S. Vasanthi (Retd.,)

List of Ph.D. award winners through this department as follow:-

S.No.                   Names
 1)  Dr. M.A.P. Saraswathi
 2)  Dr. D. Ramesh
 3)  Dr. R. Sivanantham
 4)  Dr. M. Rajagopalan
 5)  Dr. V. Sridhar
 6)  Dr. R. Jegadheesan
 7)  Dr. N. Preetha
 8)  Dr.G. Sasikala
 9)  Dr. M.R. Aruna Sundari
 10)  Dr. B. Mekala

Currently pursuing Ph.D. Research work

S.No.                   Names
 1)  Thiru. P. Baskar
 2)  Selvi  Deepika
 3)  Thiru. A. Thamizharasu
 4)  Thiru. P. Murugan
 5)  Thiru. E. Jeeva