Site Museums

The site museums are set up in locations where excavations were carried out in archaeologically significant sites.In addition to one Underwater Archaeology Museum located at Poompuhar, there are fourteen District Archaeological Site Museums coming under the control of this Department. The Museum is opened mainly to create archaeological and cultural awareness among the public. The excavated antiquities that are available in that area are exhibited in the Site Museum.

The museums (excluding Arcot) are open on all working days from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, except on Friday and Gazetted holidays. The entrance fee for an Indian adult is Rs.5/- and child Rs.3/- and for a foreigner adult Rs.50/- and child Rs.25/-.

The valuable antiquities that have been unearthed from excavation are preserved and exhibited for the benefit of the scholars, researchers and the public in the following 14 archaeological site museums of this department